Day 33 – Friday 2 June 2017 – Chicago

Although we arrived yesterday, today we feel that our journey is officially over.  We visited the all important Route 66 signs, and ate in Lou Mitchell’s which is a Route 66 tradition:

Pauline spent ages looking for someone that she considered may be trustworthy enough to take this picture for us!

Three “Begin” signs all within a hundred yards!  We met some Brazilian Bikers at this sign, who were just about to start their journey.  They were very excited!

Pauline’s “light lunch” – Cantaloupe, Tuna, Cottage Cheese, Pineapple, Tomato and Pickle:

My Apple and Cheese omelette.  Sounds a bit weird from an English perspective, but it was delicious:

The Union Station was just along the road:

We spent most of the day getting on and off an open-top tour bus which is always a good way to see a big city.  Some random skyline pictures:

Not sure I would like to reverse a car into these spaces:

The famous “El”.   The only thing missing were Cop Cars chasing Bad Guys at high speed underneath it:

This is supposed to be a Flamingo…


Picasso sculpture:


Us looking straight into the Sun:

Buckingham Fountain – copied from a fountain at Versailles:

Trump Tower:

We spent quite a while at the Navy Pier.  Pity I never noticed that the camera lens was getting a bit smeary:

The Rolling Stones’ Exhibition is on in Chicago until July.  These tongues were everywhere on the Pier:

We went on the Ferris Wheel:

The Ground Floor level inside is just shops and eateries, so we were surprised to find a tranquil garden on the upper level:

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