Day 34 – Saturday 3 June 2017 Chicago

Our feet hurt, and I will not even attempt to describe how my Achilles Tendon feels!  Over 6 hours wandering the streets of Chicago, in very high 80’s temperatures, is not ideal, but we are unlikely to be here again.

Highlight of our day was the “Architecture River Tour” along the Chicago River, looking at all of the buildings.  That sounds a bit dull in isolation, but the Guide’s encyclopaedic knowledge was impressive, and we saw a lot of amazing buildings.  However, to appreciate them you need to be there, so I am only going to post three pictures today.

The tour boat we went on:

Route 66 from the river:

Route 66 from underneath!

The End!

We leave Chicago, and Route 66, behind us tomorrow, for our journey back to the UK, stopping off in Iceland whilst en-route.  Our road trip has been, to use the word of almost every young Server we have come into contact with, “Awesome”.  We have seen some incredible sights, passed through some great cities, towns and villages, and met all manner of friendly and helpful people,

Okay – one last picture.  A very friendly Chicago PD Officer who has family in Battersea:

5 thoughts on “Day 34 – Saturday 3 June 2017 Chicago

  1. Patrick Laughlin

    We just wanted to say how much we have enjoyed reading your blog over the last month or so.

    We are heading out on our own Route 66 voyage in three weeks, and although we are going the traditional east-west route rather than west-east like you, we will probably enjoy most or all of the same experiences that you did, in reverse!

    Thank you once again – writing a daily blog must have been time-consuming, but we are very glad you did it!

    The Laughlin Family
    Freuchie, Fife, Scotland

    1. Dave Post author

      Thank you. Have a great trip. We enjoyed it so much that we would do it again tomorrow!

      Dave & Pauline

  2. Caroline short

    Hi Dave and Pauline
    Thanks for writing the Blog ,we have really enjoyed it ! Its been a wealth of knowledge ! We have just received the Maps that you have very kindly sent ,We will be sure to pass them back or on to somebody else planning to do the Route .
    Hope you both are not suffering with the holiday blues too much and really hope you have started the planning for your next adventure .
    Thanks again for everything ,I have also just sent you an Email with our itinerary for our trip in August.
    Caroline and Mike

  3. Karen

    Enjoyed reading your Route 66 Blog. Two years ago we took a motorhome on the east/west route. It was fun to relived it through your post. Could do it all over again minus the transmission work. You stopped at a couple places that we missed – closings on the strangest days sometimes. I enjoyed hearing your views and the “English” way of saying things. My mother-in-law was a World War II war bride from the Midlands. Ready for your next big journey?

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Karen We had a fabulous trip and will be doing another road trip in the States in 2019 as we are off to New Zealand and Australia in 2018. We need to get there whilst we are young enough to make such long flights! Despite visiting the States nearly 20 times (we’ve lost count) there is so much still to see. At the moment, we are torn between Route 62, or Coast to Coast probably through the northernmost States, then possibly dropping down along the Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Francisco. One or the other of us has a different idea every week, so goodness knows what we will end up doing. We envy your Mother-in-Law, and she must have seen such a difference between Post-War Britain and wherever she ended up in the States. We had opportunities to emigrate when we were younger, but never took them, so we have been trying to make up for it by visiting as often as we can. Fortunately, we are quite good at travelling on tight budgets!

      Best wishes

      Dave & Pauline


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